Random Conversations in the Ladies Room

One thing I’ve discovered in life is that the Ladies Rooms are always the best places to hear / eavesdrop / contribute / get dragged in random conversations. Most of them are funny but they can also come in the funny-what-the-hell, funny-weird, weird-but-comfortable, funny-uncomfortable variety. You can enjoy all of it, but you should always, […]

Of Books, Clients, Couples and Other Unrelated Things

Please note that I will be referring to the couple as a singular entity in this post, for two stupids together maketh a stupid couple. So. How stupid can the couples get? And by couples I mean NOT the married kind, like yours truly, or the serious couples who intend to stay together, but the […]

Barkha Dutt and Blogging: Utter Dismay

Barka Dutt. I’m sure as hell none of you needs to be reminded who she is. Some really nice work and independent opinion and spunk to question the existing and non-existing. That’s Barkha Dutt for you. I thought decently of her journalistic capabilities, till yesterday, when I stumbled upon a talk show hosted by the […]

Anon Issues…….and other cribs.

Dear Anonymous, I honestly think you have no life. Honestly. Do you have a life, or were you just born to spend it trying to make other bloggers feel miserable? Let me tell you, you fail. You suck. And over all, you have no etiquettes, no courtesy at all. You use words like B*@#h, OH […]

I moved your damn cheese!

What is with these self help books? Or those stupid philosophy novels? Who are the people who are buying them in the first place? Aaarrrggh!!! Relax. Okay. I’m in control. I’m alright. But what the hell? I got a book as a gift last evening *No, not from a guy but from my mom’s friend-trust […]


Passwords are strange little things. Passwords make me curious too. Ever wondered what passwords people have? Ever felt an overwhelming need to play sleuth and find out your friend’s password? How about knowing the password of the hot guy in college? Or the office bitch? Well, don’t know (read care) about you, but I surely […]

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