And what exactly is God doing???

He has not been answering any prayers lately. He doesn’t seem to care what the hell is happening in life. Neither for f#@k’s sake is he realizing what high expectations people have of Him. So what’s keeping him so busy? Thought about it a lot. No conclusions. Googled about it too. No answers. So here […]

Unfinished Books

So, now when my little brother left for Rajasthan and I am again all to myself in Delhi, I am thinking to arrange my treasure of books/novels/magazines that lie stuffed in a couple of heavy bags. With about 5 major pending errands in my present life (whatever that means!), I really had to work hard […]

What’s your color?

Holi has just passed; I have red-pink ears, thanks to my brutal friends. I love colors. I love the sweets. I love the dance. I love the loud music. I love the only festival where you don’t have to rake your brain about what the F*#K to wear. And, since my stay in Delhi, I […]

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