A Short Trip To Dagshai With InFocus Turbo 5, The Perfect Smartphone for Travelers

A Short Trip To Dagshai With InFocus Turbo 5, The Perfect Smartphone for Travelers

I recently wrote about my idea of a perfect travel companion, my favorite gadget for travels – and surprise surprise! – it’s a smartphone that simplifies my life and adds value to my trips. In that blog post, I gave you a glimpse of the brand new Android smartphone InFocus Turbo 5. My post generated […]

InFocus Turbo5: Your Best Travel Companion

This is a list of my top 5 favorite features of the new InFocus Turbo5 – one of the latest Android smartphones that can be your Travel Buddy! When it comes to travel companions, I make sure I choose the right ones. As important it is to travel with the right people – and I have […]

Trip to Cape Town: A Complete Guide

The Complete Travel Guide To Cape Town: Things To Do, Places To See

This is the Complete Travel Guide To Cape Town, shared by my travel addict friend Vijay Ram. He has written previously for this travel blog about a wholesome and A Trip To South Africa Beyond Wildlife and Adventure. Hope this guest post help you in planning your trip to cape Town. Planning a Trip to Cape Town: […]

15 Best Travel Quotes

15 Best Travel Quotes That Will Inspire You

Why travel quotes, you ask? Well, I believe that a little motivation goes a long way. Especially when you’re suffering from a travel hangover – the longing you feel right after a fabulous trip. Travel is something that comes spontaneously to most of us. I mean, we are a generation that doesn’t wait for a […]

Taiwan: Heaven on Earth – Cliche, but true

I have been sharing Travel News about Taiwan on this travel blog already, because I wish to plan a Trip to Taiwan pretty soon. Recently, my good friend (and fabulous person in general) Sandhya traveled to Taiwan and her stories made me even more curious about this colorful & fascinating  dream destination. How to plan a […]

What To Do In South Africa

South Africa Beyond Wildlife & Adventures: Travel Tales

South Africa is one of vibrant countries filled with wildlife, adventure travel (you might like reading about my adventures in Israel too), mountains, canyons and diverse culture. It sure does fill the travel bucket with wonderful memories. A well-made trip can be spread across Johannesburg being the largest city, home of Nelson Mandela with historical […]

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