How Games Might Spark Our Wanderlust

How Games Might Spark Our Wanderlust

Even those of us with the most intense natural wanderlust can always do with some fresh travel inspiration. It’s why we browse guidebooks in bookstores, peruse travel blogs, and scroll through photos of friends on their latest journeys. You just never know when a photo or a list of attractions is going to give you […]

Social Media, Affimity User Review, good platform for bloggers

Affimity: A Must Try Social Media Platform For Bloggers

These are the times of Social Media, and Content, as they say, is the king. It will not be wrong to say that a big part of our daily lives are built around Social Media these days. And why not? Social Media keeps us in touch with the world and it is a huge help […]

Smartphone Technology: For The Future #Technocrats

You know why my parents did not install the land line phone until I was in 9th standard? Because they thought it would hamper our studies – mine and the siblings’. It was a torture not to be getting blank calls like all my friends at the time, and as I re-call this today, my mom is laughing […]

Better Internet in India: Airtel 4G

There’s good news for all internet users in India – Airtel 4G! With the launch of Airtel 4G, India is now gearing up for faster, high speed internet services. Already launched in 296 towns across India, Airtel is now cementing the Digital Super Highway in the country with effortless HD video streaming, faster than ever download […]

Digital Is The Way To Go!

It is 2015 and digital is ruling the world. From Digital advertising, digital media, digital social life to  Digital political debates and Digital outraging – the internet is the main medium for just about everything now. And with the twitter savvy Prime Minister at its helm, even the government is going digital. It’s time for […]

Smart Phones And Smart Choices

I tweeted just today that I am badly in need of a new phone because my current phone takes 3 minutes on an average to open basic apps like Contacts, Google Search or Twitter. Yes, I have about 600 pictures in my phone album,  including all camera images, all Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Snapchat images and the big daddy […]

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