Top 5 DIY Ideas This Summer

I am all about DIY projects this summer, thanks to my toddler’s love for home art projects, and the joy of creating something fun and useful from regular stuff. Like always, the friendly YouTube channel of Mad Stuff with Rob is my ultimate go-to friend for inspiration and I’ve written about a few projects I […]

Re-Cycle And Re-Use: Celebrating Earth Day With Kids

Earth Day was on 22nd April and it is a late post because I was busy celebrating it, of course, but I wanted to stress publicly on the importance of this day, the importance of environmental protection, so here I am. source:   zenpencils I am of the firm opinion that every one should celebrate Earth […]

I’m Bringing Art(y) And Craft(y) Back

As a kid, I really loved the small little craft projects that school, books or a TV program for Art-N-Craft with a name that I’m forgetting taught me. From gluing my mom’s new saree to make a messy door mat, to getting hurt while punching holes into a rusty tin can to water the plants […]

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