The Anti Love-Guru

That’s me. Throughout my adult life – wait, throughout my entire life I’ve hated to have committed people about me. Serious. And whenever one of my friends got committed, I have tried my level best (and even succeeded many times) to help break up. Against their will, obviously. But who cares. Single friends are the […]

Makeup Tips…

…not really. This is just to keep the guys away from this post. hehe. This is basically a girlie post. From me, yes, thank you. People keep telling me to get in touch with the girl in me, always. So I got in touch with the girl in me, and turns out, she is kind […]

2009 Already?

Oh Crap! How come no one told me I’d still be single and foolish in 2009? Hmph. Anyway, besides being single and genius (did I say Foolish? Where?), 2009 is good so far. Came back from Goa on the 2nd, so technically started the year with traveling, yay! But you know what, Goa wasn’t all […]

Month Long Drama

I have a ‘write a post!’ yellow post-it note sticking to my desk phone at office and my DVD box (which lies besides my bed) at home. And still I managed to ignore it for a month. Hehe. The reason I didn’t post for a full month, besides my laziness, is a month full of […]

Virginity: Over rated?

Really, is virginity so important? Why can guys get away with being obsessed with it? Does it really matter in a relationship? Or can you tell a person’s behaviour in association with his/her sexual past? Is virginity only for girls? Seriously, is virginity overrated? A email conversation with a school friend of mine who has […]

Why are all the “Good Ones” taken?

…..Confusion Alert!…… There is guaranteed confusion in the post below. Chances are, all will fail to make sense out of it, including I, me and Myself. Don’t blame me. **I play safe!!** …………………. Now this is just what I don’t like about you readers, jumping to conclusions so early. see? Just an innocent title is […]

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