How To Be A Successful Blogger: 6 Best Tips

I started blogging when it wasn’t fashionable, when writing about your “feeling” was incredibly geeky and mainly done anonymously because hey, it was the early 2000s and who knew what terrible things was the World Wide Web capable of? No one, that’s right. So obviously I think I have the right to dish out some […]

Street Harassment in India

What’s the most common thing on the streets of India? besides cows and road rage and the lack of traffic rules, I mean.  Yes, Street Harassment. Bingo! Mother Jones If you’re a female of the common-junta variety, you know I am right. Walking on the street is directly proportional to being harassed in public. The […]

Media & The Breaking News Culture: Don’t Believe Everything They Tell You

Do you believe everything that the News Channels tell you?  Do you have faith in the corporate firms that call themselves media and are sworn to the noble cause of nothing but breaking news 24 / 7 – you know, the “Sangeeta Bijlani seen on Salman Khan’s Balcony!!” and “Man married his goat, wife threatens suicide!!!” kind?  Do […]

Fun-Facts About Being a Woman

Blogadda say’s it a Tangy post! It’s the year 2015, it is the much celebrated International-Women’s-Day time of the year and it is also a time when every stone and pebble is being turned to raise awareness about protecting, nurturing and empowering God’s better-of-the-two human forms, the ‘fairer’ sex – The Woman. And seriously, every […]

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