Celebration of Love: Resorting to Plan F

Today is India’s Republic day, and the nation witnessed India’s combat strength at the republic day parade. Today when the nation marvels about our mighty impressive Army, Navy and Air-force – I, a girl madly in love with an Army officer, feel the same way but my sense of awe is topped up with a […]

Perfect Ending.

 Source: weheartit Everything’s been said But nothing heard Strangers to More And now the lines are blurred. More, they want It’s magic, they hope. But – they’ll be okay otherwise. None of them is the one to mope. And sense before magic, yes? Even if both want more. It’s not like a big deal, you […]

What’s Age Got To Do With It?

“Wanna go out for coffee?’ Husband asks. “Eh.” I say, slumping on the couch in my sweat pants of two days. We drink instant coffee in mismatched cups. “How about good dinner?” Husband inquires. “Huh?” I say disoriented, stuffing dirty laundry into the washing machine. We eat Maggi and sip Coke. “There’s a new movie […]

I’ll See You

This post is one of Blogadda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks 🙂 The rooms are cold The books, dusty There’s a slice of pizza on the table The window sill is cold against my cheek And the rain, merciless outside. The last cigarette flickers And dies The coffee sits on the table Like a black marble, cold […]

One Year Already?

Feels like yesterday when we first met – I still wish I’d worn better clothes and higher heels.  I often giggle as I remember the formal ‘Hey! Ssup..’ texts we sent each other for a week after meeting – and shiver remembering the first time we used the L word, months later.  I still think […]

I’m living with a guy.

I have been long gone.  Longer than ever. I mean I have had mood swings, nothing-to-write-about days and no-time-for-the-blog stretches before, but this has been my longest no writing span ever. And so much has happened while I was away from my blog that kept me crazy busy in a forgetting-everything-else-that-exists way that when I […]

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