Never Enough: A Poem About Heartbreak on World Suicide Prevention Day

Never Enough: A Poem on World Suicide Prevention Day

No sadder reason than suicide to return to blogging, but hey, here I am. Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and I am glad there is something like this in today’s world. We are far from a society where empathy is easily accessible, but it gives me hope that we have started the conversation on […]

Dark Grey: A Poem For a Girl I Once Knew

You have to agree You and I – dark grey I try to get alongYou decide to stray  I say I feel blue You decide I’m okay I plan to startYou make me stay  I often wonder what makes you tickI freak out I’m sure this is a trick.  You dig what I buryYou relax, […]

With Time, You Never Know

You think you have time You think you have a chance Another chance You think there will be Opportunities, in plenty You think You’ll keep some time in your hands For books you want to read For good coffee For just standing still in the rain. You think you Will always have options You are […]


‘Throw a party,’ He says. ‘Call your girls Drink,  Have fun!’   ‘Or read the books From the shelf They’ve been waiting – the gone girls, the thief, that elf?’ ‘And write a lot while I’m away. The distance is temporary Don’t let it get to you, okay?’ Oh It’s just about a month, I […]

Perfect Ending.

 Source: weheartit Everything’s been said But nothing heard Strangers to More And now the lines are blurred. More, they want It’s magic, they hope. But – they’ll be okay otherwise. None of them is the one to mope. And sense before magic, yes? Even if both want more. It’s not like a big deal, you […]

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