A Day In Rishikesh: A Travel Photo Blog

A Sadhu dressed in Saffron, smoking a beedi against the backdrop of Massage and Yoga boards, and the mighty Holy Ganga: This picture captures the spirit of down-town Rishikesh at it’s best!   Travelling to Rishikesh is always a delight! And though I have been here several times, this is the first Travel Blog Post I am […]

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Pictures From My Mykonos Trip: Travel Tales

This post is about my AMAZING Mykonos Trip! Greece is on every one’s travel bucket list, and I can bet my next vacation-money that Mykonos is the dream destination of Greece! This travel blog post aims at showing my love for Mykonos through a Mykonos Trip Photo Blog, because the place is breath taking and dream […]

The Best Selfie Style

I have said it a lot of times on this blog, that I am what you call a Selfie Addict. I mean, I was taking selfies years before the term selfie was coined. I was clicking my own pictures even before I owned a cell phone, with a traditional camera-with-a-role. Yeah, let it sink down […]

I Will Launder This Item.

Yes, yes, that is a line from the Fifty Shade of Grey movie but it is used in an entirely different, and far better context here. This is what 16 year old Saurabh said for laundry.  I will tell you all about his ‘Laundering’ story, but first let me say that I am taking the […]

Saturdays should be fun, no?

Yes. Saturdays should be fun. When I was single and was living my shit-deep-in-work life in Gurgaon, I almost always planned my Saturdays with great care. Saturday is the most important day in the weekend. A Friday get over in a frenzy, a euphoria of getting into another weekend just eats up the entire Friday […]

I’m living with a guy.

I have been long gone.  Longer than ever. I mean I have had mood swings, nothing-to-write-about days and no-time-for-the-blog stretches before, but this has been my longest no writing span ever. And so much has happened while I was away from my blog that kept me crazy busy in a forgetting-everything-else-that-exists way that when I […]

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