The Curious Case of Curiosity to Help Creativity in Kids

The Curious Case of Curiosity to Help Creativity in Kids: Parenting Notes

In parenting, one of the most important thing is to encourage your kid’s inherent curiosity by answering her questions, no matter how complicated or frequent, and by showing support for their growing mind’s hunger for knowledge. Whenever asked for an opinion or pointers for better parenting, I always tell new parents to be patient with […]

The importance of curiosity

The Importance of Curiosity in Kids and Millennials

It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education. – Albert Einstein As the world moves forward in fourth gear with new innovations in technology, the need to nurture curiosity is as big as it is crucial. For all of us, curiosity is the very basic and fundamental element in our development at the workplace […]

How Games Might Spark Our Wanderlust

How Games Might Spark Our Wanderlust

Even those of us with the most intense natural wanderlust can always do with some fresh travel inspiration. It’s why we browse guidebooks in bookstores, peruse travel blogs, and scroll through photos of friends on their latest journeys. You just never know when a photo or a list of attractions is going to give you […]

My 4 year Old Reviews a Hotel in Goa: Funny Video of The Day Alert!

My 4 year Old Reviews a Hotel in Goa: Funny Video of The Day Alert!

So, whenever her school schedule allows, my daughter travels with me. Along with family trips that my husband, my daughter and I go on together – there are many trips in a year that just the two of us take. We have been on FAM trips together, on hotel / resort review trips together and […]

Travel With Kids: Making sure that children eat healthy while you travel

Are you Sure Your Child is Eating Healthy While You Travel?

When you are a travelling mom or a family that loves to travel together – you need to make sure that the child is eating healthy during the trips. I travel with my daughter a lot, and the need for a healthy and wholesome diet is of paramount importance. If you are a parent of […]

personalized children's book

Oh! My Name – Personalized Children’s Book Review

Reading is very important to me, even more than writing. And I’ve written two books, I hope to write more, I blog regularly, I write travel blogs and other lifestyle related articles and posts for a few platforms other than this blog – which is a lot of writing but reading is still on top […]

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