Ten Things I Miss About College Life

College life, according to me, is the second best phase of life. First is obviously school time. It was for me, at least. While I still miss my school days a lot, dream about being in school and having fun and still sigh loudly every time I am in my home town and happen to […]

The Anti Love-Guru

That’s me. Throughout my adult life – wait, throughout my entire life I’ve hated to have committed people about me. Serious. And whenever one of my friends got committed, I have tried my level best (and even succeeded many times) to help break up. Against their will, obviously. But who cares. Single friends are the […]

What a weekend

‘Insane’ is the word I’m looking for. I almost got scared I was having so much fun, really. You know – The moment where you’ve exhausted your daily dose of laughter and the back of your head pains and your tummy hurts and eyes water and you want the joke to bloody end, to stop […]

Valentine’s Day is lame. Birthdays are not…

So this year I’ve decided to not let the lame Valentine’s Day overshadow my birthday. I’m not sure if you understand the pain of being born on 14th of February, and you never will if you are not born on the 14th of February, so just take my word for it. It is bad. Reasons […]

Virginity: Over rated?

Really, is virginity so important? Why can guys get away with being obsessed with it? Does it really matter in a relationship? Or can you tell a person’s behaviour in association with his/her sexual past? Is virginity only for girls? Seriously, is virginity overrated? A email conversation with a school friend of mine who has […]

Email Faux Pas

I would have gotten straight to the point only if if IF- 1. I knew how to manage my flair of being unfocused AND 2. I didn’t fell off my chair laughing on a major “email faux pas” – an outrageous email signature. (hahahahahha) I hate to impose, but some people really need to get […]

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