I Promised Romance: Things I love About Being In Love

I promised, right?  So even if romance is not my territory, here I am.  Blame it on the unexpected May rains that are constantly hitting Delhi-Gurgaon – not in a positive way, but in a depressing-nostalgic-blue-gloomy-‘what the hell !’ way. Rains always do this to me, I get low because I don’t really like to be stuck […]


Something’s happened to me. I’ve not been myself lately. Friends and people at work, everyone realized that. I realized I’ve been gone from the blogging scene since a long time now… wonder what was keeping me away! I didn’t write, didn’t read and hardly commented. Is it the mammoth work load or the lack of […]

I’m wasting my time, I got nothing to do…

I’m hanging around-I’m waiting for you,But nothing ever happensAnd I wonder ?!? I loooooove this!! Okay. I had been sooooo caught up with useless things that I almost forgot about my baby blog. Shame on me. But then I remembered it – and almost immediately I wanted to write something – but since then my […]

Updates from a workaholic

Of course that’s me!! Okay. So here we go: – Update 1. Now I am avaliable at www.monologue.in Yippie! Check it out ppl. See, I’m getting hi-tech in techni color. 😛 😛 Update 2. I got a nasty cut from the clumsy almirah of my new Gurgaon room. Two drops of blood oozed out. I […]

Why are all the “Good Ones” taken?

…..Confusion Alert!…… There is guaranteed confusion in the post below. Chances are, all will fail to make sense out of it, including I, me and Myself. Don’t blame me. **I play safe!!** …………………. Now this is just what I don’t like about you readers, jumping to conclusions so early. see? Just an innocent title is […]

This one is for you!

Yes, this one’s really for you, dear reader. Ahan. Look, I have this considerate part of me, hidden deep inside my being, and this part completely takes over me sometimes, like this one time, and I am all set to write a full post on something other than me. On people. Ummm….actually, for people, guiding […]

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