Resolutions? No, ThankYouVeryMuch.

It’s 2015.  It’s actually only the 3rd day of the new year and I’m already sure this year is gonna be super great. Great as in, sarcasm. Obviously. These 3 days have been kind of sad. Husband is away since the 1st of Jan, toddler is totally out of control and writing is not happening […]

What’s Age Got To Do With It?

“Wanna go out for coffee?’ Husband asks. “Eh.” I say, slumping on the couch in my sweat pants of two days. We drink instant coffee in mismatched cups. “How about good dinner?” Husband inquires. “Huh?” I say disoriented, stuffing dirty laundry into the washing machine. We eat Maggi and sip Coke. “There’s a new movie […]

A Friend That Was

A Friend That Was

Dear Friend   This week is probably THE most important week in your life and out of nowhere, I find myself thinking about you today, after all these days. I imagine your excitement, your tears and your immeasurable joy, and then quickly go on to ponder over the text message I will be sending you […]

Is Being Too Nice Making You Sick?

  Being too nice is SO not me – Yes, that’s my starting line.I’m someone who is always real (at least I try!) and was previously known for misbehaving. I have admitted a lot of times that there are times when I not only enjoy being bitchy, but I feel supremely healthy. Seriously, you have […]

To be or not to be….is not the question anymore

There are more important, much more confusing, oh-so-demanding and course-of-life-changing questions one needs to answer these days. Well, not ‘these days’ literally but days when a mid twenties, Career oriented, super-ambitious, single, confused woman has to deal with overwhelming arranged marriage scenes with her folks, with a sooooooooper bitch at work and at a generally […]

Month Long Drama

I have a ‘write a post!’ yellow post-it note sticking to my desk phone at office and my DVD box (which lies besides my bed) at home. And still I managed to ignore it for a month. Hehe. The reason I didn’t post for a full month, besides my laziness, is a month full of […]

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