What’s Age Got To Do With It?

“Wanna go out for coffee?’ Husband asks. “Eh.” I say, slumping on the couch in my sweat pants of two days. We drink instant coffee in mismatched cups. “How about good dinner?” Husband inquires. “Huh?” I say disoriented, stuffing dirty laundry into the washing machine. We eat Maggi and sip Coke. “There’s a new movie […]

What’s Happening?

So. I’ve been away, I’ve been secretive and I’ve been mean to my blog lately – for which I feel tragic. Not extremely sad or melodramatically tragic, though because come on, you do know how blogging is becoming an increasingly tough task in this world? Have you not heard of Twitter? So, there. I’ve been […]

Baby Sitting – Never Again

Now, I really think that the kids these days are getting cleverer than ever, cleverer than it’s necessary for their own good. I mean seriously, what is it with these kids? They are way way WAY too smart for people like me, for people from my generation. I feel old already. There is like a […]

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