Top 5 (More) Things To Do in Jerusalem: The Ultimate Guide For Your Israel Trip

When I wrote the Top 10 Things To Do In Jerusalem, I had no idea it would be such a hit. I mean, I know many travelers are curious about Israel and my Israel Trip in 2016 piqued the interest of a bunch of my own friends as well – but the kind of response this […]

Top 10 Things To Do In Jerusalem, Israel: The Ultimate Guide For Your Israel Trip

Top 10 Things To Do In Jerusalem, Israel: The Ultimate Guide For Your Israel Trip

This is my list of the top 10 things to do in Jerusalem, Israel – and I want to start by admitting that I was a bit overwhelmed by the city at first.  Jerusalem is one of the oldest and holiest cities of the world, which has been continuously inhabited for over 3500 years and […]

Brown Beach House Design Hotel Croatia

The Brown Beach House Design Hotel Croatia: Now Open!

During my trip to Tel Aviv, I stayed at a stunning boutique hotels called Brown TLV Urban Hotel. I completely loved the stay, the service and the very modern approach of the hotel towards technology (more on this below). And now it’s branch is opening in one of my Dream Destinations – Croatia. From what […]

Why Visit Israel

Why Visit Israel: My Video To Tempt You

I went to Israel in May 2016. It is Sept now and I still get to hear things like “Do you think I should visit Israel?” and the more common – “Wow, never thought of Israel as a travel destination!” The famous collection of various 10 Things You MUST See Before You Die lists are […]

Tel Aviv Travel Blog Post

Snapshots From Tel Aviv: Travel Tales

Tel Aviv: Buzzing with energy. Urban, and how! Chic and Cosmopolitan. It’s no secret to people who know me in real life, that I loved Israel. Come to think of it, my readers also know it, I’ve written so much about it already! Okay, so this post is happening because I was finally backing up […]

Exploring Israel, Woodland Explore More

Exploring Israel: Adventure With Woodland

Rappelling and Scooby diving, Hikes and Sky Diving – My trip to Israel was full of adventure and with Woodland as the outdoor partner, it was all that I had imagined, and more.

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