We Need To Bolt.

We do. We need to like, seriously Bolt.  We, as in me and my 2 year old girl, of course. And Bolt here means two things:  First, the obvious meaning of Bolt – which is to bolt, as in the dictionary meaning (look it up, I don’t have that kind of time. Jeez!)  And the […]

Resolutions? No, ThankYouVeryMuch.

It’s 2015.  It’s actually only the 3rd day of the new year and I’m already sure this year is gonna be super great. Great as in, sarcasm. Obviously. These 3 days have been kind of sad. Husband is away since the 1st of Jan, toddler is totally out of control and writing is not happening […]

Fair Game. Or Not?

Hey ladies! Whachoodoin? So. This is supposed to be about men’s grooming but let’s make it about us, okay? Okay. Let’s talk about if nature has been fair to us. I’ve always been happy being a girl, except for a few times in my life when I’d wished I was a man instead. I know, […]

Secrets and Semantics

All the rage about Secret on Twitter, coupled with my silly curiosity made me download the App a few weeks back. I call my pre-Secret curiosity ‘silly’ because, obviously, I knew what I am going to see there long before I actually did. Of course it was going to be about the ‘Repressed – aggressive’ […]

What’s Happening?

So. I’ve been away, I’ve been secretive and I’ve been mean to my blog lately – for which I feel tragic. Not extremely sad or melodramatically tragic, though because come on, you do know how blogging is becoming an increasingly tough task in this world? Have you not heard of Twitter? So, there. I’ve been […]

When I’m Not Around – Part 2

Yes, I know its a hopeless case if you have to post Part 2 of your when-I’m-not-blogging post. Part one was when I had hoped I’ll redeem myself. Part two is when I just want to post some shit and get done with it.  On the bright side though, I just realized I don’t give […]

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