My Thoughts on About Affordable Insurance and Social Security in India

Have You Planned Your Future? My Thoughts on About Affordable Insurance and Social Security

It is considered general knowledge that one needs to be smart and plan for a safe future and our social security. Our parents have done and we will – or should I say that we must – do it too. In the Indian scenario, making sure that your future is safe and secure comes on […]

Money Matters

Retirement Planning For A Working Couple

Married couples generally have a lot of plans for their future – buying a new house, vacations, future education of their children and so on. These plans seem more and more important because they have to happen as soon as possible but there is one thing that will surely happen in the distant future that […]

Insurance Policy Review

8 Great Ways to Cut Premium of Home Insurance Policies

Rajiv and Ankita are not insurance brokers, but they can still convince you to buy a home insurance policy. Three months after this Delhi-based couple moved into its new flat, a fire caused by an electric short-circuit destroyed furniture and appliances worth Rs 50 lakhs. Though Rajiv’s father advised him to buy a home insurance […]

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