How To Be A Successful Blogger: 6 Best Tips

I started blogging when it wasn’t fashionable, when writing about your “feeling” was incredibly geeky and mainly done anonymously because hey, it was the early 2000s and who knew what terrible things was the World Wide Web capable of? No one, that’s right. So obviously I think I have the right to dish out some […]

How to be an Attention Whore

Remember there used to be a ‘How To’ series on this blog and how those blog posts are responsible for a major chunk of traffic on this blog even today? Yes. Its back after a long time – How to be an Attention Whore. *your cue to applaud*  What is an Attention Whore, some might […]

How to get over a disappointment

Disclaimer: This is for girls only. However, if a guy relates to it, Bravo! You have a heart! Read on… This disappointment can be a day, a person or a relationship. For a person like me, rather for most of us, disappointment and being let down are the worse things to happen. I mean I […]

How to: behave like a Celebrity Blogger

This is the first in my new “How to…” series I thought of recently. This series is intended to educate my darling readers on all the “How to..”s in the world. So here we go. Celebrity Blogger. Ah! Now that’s a touchy subject. The longing…the desire. My creativity is constantly poking me, glaring at me […]

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