Hope Changes Everything

When I was little, about 8 or 9 years old, I read a quote in one of my mom’s magazines, a line that stayed with me for the longest time. “Hope changes everything.” I didn’t really know the depth of the phrase back then, but I liked the sound of it. I used to write […]

And what exactly is God doing???

He has not been answering any prayers lately. He doesn’t seem to care what the hell is happening in life. Neither for f#@k’s sake is he realizing what high expectations people have of Him. So what’s keeping him so busy? Thought about it a lot. No conclusions. Googled about it too. No answers. So here […]

What’s your color?

Holi has just passed; I have red-pink ears, thanks to my brutal friends. I love colors. I love the sweets. I love the dance. I love the loud music. I love the only festival where you don’t have to rake your brain about what the F*#K to wear. And, since my stay in Delhi, I […]

You Broke it…!??!

“I have given up…” He says. “Don’t…It’ll work out!! Trust me!!” She’s a little over Optimistic. Still!? “They won’t agree…”- His voice is low. “We’ll make them agree to it! It’s in our hands!”-She trembles. “Destiny…” “We’ll fight…just have faith.” She says. “I know there’s NO hope” (acknowledge the bold and italics in “NO”) “C’mon….there’s […]


I am in a perfectly wrong mood, ironically left out and I am feeling funny. Wow! (genuine smile)And to add to the effect, I want to write something NOW. Not that i’ll throw up and stain the web page with whatever is irking me…Huh! Who cares. Umm..I’d have talked about my state of mind, but […]

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