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In Love With Hong Kong Streets: Travel Tales

If you’ve seen my pictures on Instagram, Twitter or my Facebook Page – you already know my fascination for Hong Kong Streets. I have a million pictures of various streets, and half of them are of me in those streets, failing to pose well. During both my Hong Kong trips, I have explored the city […]

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Hong Kong

My second Hong Kong trip just came to an end and I am missing it already! I was in Hong Kong in June first week for the RISE Conference and this was my second visit to the stunning city with an infectious energy. During my first visit to Hong Kong, I had covered pretty much […]

My CCB (Asia) Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival Experience

Wine & Dine: My Two Favourites at the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival Autumn is probably the best time to plan a trip to Hong Kong, and I did just that. I planned my recent Hong Kong Travel in Oct end and it was simply magical. Apart from the pleasant days and cool nights, and […]

Travel Tips: 10 Things To Do in Hong Kong in One Day

This one is about my Trip to Hong Kong! If you’re on my social medial network, you already know that I recently  had a very long, totally amazing trip to Hong Kong and I am suffering from Hong Kong Blues already! Let me tell you right at the start, that I already want to live […]

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