Designing a dream bathroom

Happy Living: Dream Bathroom

I’m sure that most of us start – and probably end – our days with a trip to the bathroom. Needless to say, a bathroom is an important part of our homes. And yet, most of the times, a bathroom is often an ignored corner while we’re designing a house. Even if we want to […]

Crockery That Makes Classy Dining

Being able to cook great food is a talent. Along with being judged by the taste of your food, you are also judged by the way you present it. The way you present your food gives an insight to your tastes in dining. And you would always want to come across as a home-maker of […]

Say No To Unpleasant Odors: My Ambi Pur Air Effects Review

I am an Army Wife. I stay in fauji accommodations, most of which were built ages ago. Literally. I mean, there are upgraded to suit the current times and there is regular maintenance of all kinds, but because of the age of these buildings, and also because of the climatic conditions of certain places, there are […]

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