Books, anyone?

Haven’t I said 749 times here that I love books? well, this is the 750th time I’m saying it. I love Books. Now don’t confuse it with reading. You see, reading and book are different but when one says ‘I love Books!’ most people tend to assume he’s referring to reading. Yes. Yes. Of course […]

Paintings by Kids

-(Not mine – the Paintings, neither the Kids)“Who the hell makes a living by painting?” was what my parents yelled at me when I expressed the wish to be a painter when I grow up. I was 12 years of age – and fairly dumb as compared to 12 year olds of today – and […]

Unfinished Books

So, now when my little brother left for Rajasthan and I am again all to myself in Delhi, I am thinking to arrange my treasure of books/novels/magazines that lie stuffed in a couple of heavy bags. With about 5 major pending errands in my present life (whatever that means!), I really had to work hard […]

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