I Hate People. Period.

With every goodbye you learn! Love isn’t like a reservoir.You’ll never drain it dry.It’s much more like a natural spring.The longer and the farther it flows,The stronger and the deeperAnd the clearer it becomes. After a while you learn the subtle differencebetween holding a hand and chaining a soul,And you learn that love doesn’t mean […]

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I know depression from very close. And I know that it needs to be talked about. I know that feeling helpless is a feeling that drain you out and sucks the very life out of you, but there is hope. Yes, there is hope and there is no shame is asking for help. You, my […]


I am in a perfectly wrong mood, ironically left out and I am feeling funny. Wow! (genuine smile)And to add to the effect, I want to write something NOW. Not that i’ll throw up and stain the web page with whatever is irking me…Huh! Who cares. Umm..I’d have talked about my state of mind, but […]

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