One of the 20 Contemporary Indian Women Writers On Twitter That You Should Follow

So Women’s Web featured me as one of the 20 Contemporary Indian Women Writers On Twitter That You Should Follow, and it was great. I really do twitter like an erratic habit – nothing for hours and then a hundred and three tweets in fifteen minutes (zero exaggeration) so it is amazing to be on […]

Blogging Over The Years

I started this blog, my first one, in January 2007. It feels like a lifetime. I was young and literally restless, and strongly felt that the much-hyped digital advertising job I had just landed a couple of months back, wasn’t satisfying my creative needs as much as I thought it would. Hence, the blog. Back […]

The Heart Knows

There is no instinct like that of the heart.- Lord Byron. I am a spontaneous girl, a in-the-moment kind of a person. But there are times when schedules and rules take precedence, and the follow-your-heart kind of girl decides to take the brain’s advice. True story. Happens to all of us, right? Certain situations just […]

Five Bollywood Celebrities With Shitty Public Image

If you are the kind – like me – who gets distracted by anything shiny, then Bollywood is the shiny-est, sparkly-est and most distracting thing of all. We can all agree that no matter how much we pretend to “prefer” Hollywood movie and it’s stars, and no matter how often we declare our indifference to […]

Five Restaurants to Try In Delhi

All my life I thought Delhi was a city everyone knew everything about. Because I thought I did. But Delhi, my darlings, is mighty mysterious. Turns out, no one really knows everything about it. And it changes so quickly! Every two months, something new comes up and you have to keep yourself updated with these […]

Travel in Style

The summers are here and travel season is about to start. And no matter how much we like to sit by the fire (or the heater, at least) in our favorite PJs with a mug of hot chocolate in winters, we all want to shake it off and travel in summers. Beaches buzzing with activity, […]

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