I’m talking About Body Issues & Postpartum Depression Because I Know What It’s Like

I have always had body issue. There, I said it.    And I don’t even think it’s unique to me. Everyone I know – okay, almost everyone I know, has body issues, or at least has had them at some point in life. I will not go too far to say that only women suffer […]

Dark Grey: A Poem For a Girl I Once Knew

You have to agree You and I – dark grey I try to get alongYou decide to stray  I say I feel blue You decide I’m okay I plan to startYou make me stay  I often wonder what makes you tickI freak out I’m sure this is a trick.  You dig what I buryYou relax, […]

Strength and Courage.

I’m watching the #Sambha attack news over and over again on the Television. They report the same things over and over again, but instead of annoying me with their non-stop high-pitched fact-repeating in-genuine act, this time they have me glued in rapt attention. A close friend is posted in the same Army Cantt, and though […]

I’ll See You

This post is one of Blogadda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks 🙂 The rooms are cold The books, dusty There’s a slice of pizza on the table The window sill is cold against my cheek And the rain, merciless outside. The last cigarette flickers And dies The coffee sits on the table Like a black marble, cold […]

Serial Blasts in Delhi, yet again.

Delhi. 13 Sept 2008 9:20 pm. Serial Blasts in Delhi. 20 dead and over 90 injured. Indian Mujahiddin takes responsibility. No matter how weird it might sound, but I m teary eyed right now. I have goose bumps and i want to go do something – anything at all! What kind of life we are […]

How to get over a disappointment

Disclaimer: This is for girls only. However, if a guy relates to it, Bravo! You have a heart! Read on… This disappointment can be a day, a person or a relationship. For a person like me, rather for most of us, disappointment and being let down are the worse things to happen. I mean I […]

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