Predict-Everyone’s-Future Day

I have survived a 3rd degree sun burn while rafting, I have emerged from a ‘who am I?’ kind of reflective phase and have dealt with a bitch from a client company. The only good things being the fun I had on the raft and a special interest. (Okay I won’t say more about it). […]

Tell-a-Stranger-Your-Story Day

This is for one of those confession days. This is for days when you are suddenly sure that if not told today, your grand story dies with you. This is so much fun. And exciting. And new. And fresh. And it gives you an amazing thrill. Trust me. Imagine telling a tale – real or […]

Be-Really-Angry Day!

I told you before that when life get a little boring, I celebrate days. I’ve mentioned one here. Today was one of those days that will go down in history of Washington and/or Kota. I was very angry today. Was angry at everything, everyone and every no-one. Was angry at things that happened, things that […]

Giving-Up Day!

Friday Saturday Sunday. Valentines Day. Birthday. Holiday. Republic Day. Aids Day. Women’s Day. Red Nose Day. Her Day. His Day. Every-Dog’s-Day. And today is my (exclusively!) Giving Up Day. To start with, I tore the dull and lump planner that stuck to my wall. Now, there’s no scary yellow colored thing to remind me of […]

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