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Most Colourful Cities of The World – And A Contest!

When I think of the World’s Most Colourful Cities – the first city that comes to my mind is Mathura during the festival of Holi! It sure is one of the most colourful cities in India, and possibly in the World, though I am yet to see the world. Hong Kong also springs up on […]

Chances, Chances.

Chances, chancesChances lost are hope’s torn up pagesMaybe this time Chances are we’ll be the combinationChances come and carry meChances are waiting to be taken, and I can see Chances are the fascinationsChances won’t escape from meChances are only what we make them and all I need I’ve been humming the song under my breath […]

This And That: The Journey To Being Everything.

Be Yourself – this is the single most widely used and most commonly abused phrase in the history of bad advice.  Source From as long as I can remember, people have been telling me to Be Myself and to be honest I still don’t know what it means. I mean yeah, I do know what […]

I Define Me.

If there was a book called Art of Interviews For Dummies (and there should be one!), the first strongly recommended interview question would be – “Define yourself in one word.”  This is one thing that almost all of us have braved at some point, right? The question also comes up regularly at several occasions other […]

Let’s Talk Trashy.

Scene one.   Source Friend X and I have just got inside the car at the basement parking lot, after a chance meeting with a common-but-not-so-close-friend. Friend X : What was she even wearinggg, dude? (eyes wide with disgust, shaking head in disapproval.) Me: Skirt. Short skirt. Friend X: REALLY short skirt that was bordering […]

We Need To Bolt.

We do. We need to like, seriously Bolt.  We, as in me and my 2 year old girl, of course. And Bolt here means two things:  First, the obvious meaning of Bolt – which is to bolt, as in the dictionary meaning (look it up, I don’t have that kind of time. Jeez!)  And the […]

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