Dark Grey: A Poem For a Girl I Once Knew

You have to agree You and I – dark grey I try to get alongYou decide to stray  I say I feel blue You decide I’m okay I plan to startYou make me stay  I often wonder what makes you tickI freak out I’m sure this is a trick.  You dig what I buryYou relax, […]

They Are Playing My Song…

It started the night before when I couldn’t sleep till very late and woke up early with a fairly good recollection of a crappy dream. The day unfolded in what can only be described as a painfully-slow-stab-at-the-heart speed. Tricky deadlines, uncalled for distractions, annoying distances, faltering technology (basically stupid phone lines that wouldn’t let me […]


You are broken. life breaks us all Sometimes at places Sometimes all over You bleed, you fall apart You run and can’t escape You hurt, you learn and unlearn But you are not broken forever – Someone comes along who puts the pieces together, mends you. Sometimes that someone is someone else But most of […]

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