Best Tips To Become a Freelancer in India

Best Tips To Become a Freelancer in India

I am a freelancer and do content writing, content management, content strategy and digital media strategy.  My career in Digital Advertising and my passion for writing, both come together for me to able to make it work in a seamless way. When not working full time, I’ve worked on freelance projects on Social Media Strategy […]

5 Tips on How To Get Started As A Freelancer in India as a Blogger or Content Writer

5 Tips on How To Get Started As A Freelancer in India as a Blogger or Content Writer

Freelancing for content is becoming a popular thing that we often read about on various social media platforms. From writing sponsored blog posts on your own blog to contributing articles to other websites, there seem to be a lot of ways to earn some money as a freelancer in India. But how to get started […]

AirAsia Bloggers Community

AirAsia Bloggers Community Party: #AABC2016 in Jakarta

50 Travel Bloggers from 12 Countries, celebrating the love for travel and exploring a new destination! AirAsia Bloggers Community is something that I recently became a part of, and have come to relish it already. Not only because they took me on a trip of wonder to Jakarta, Indonesia – okay that’s a part too, […]

IndiPR by IndiBlogger

Blogging News: IndiBlogger Launches

There is a piece of good news for the Blogging world. IndiBlogger’s now IndiPR is here! This is a self-learning engine that automatically targets the right publishers. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Here is the press release from IndiBlogger that announced the launch and has made headlines everywhere: Thousands of businesses, products and services are launched everyday […]

Social Media Marketing, And Me.

WTF?!? I don’t ever blog about Social Media Marketing which is my damn (also, much loved) job!  A little background to the panic attack:  I work in the Digital Advertising industry, and specifically – Social Media Marketing. Social Media Strategy, Planning Execution and Digital Campaign Management plus Blogger Outreach for my work – this is […]

How To Be A Successful Blogger: 6 Best Tips

I started blogging when it wasn’t fashionable, when writing about your “feeling” was incredibly geeky and mainly done anonymously because hey, it was the early 2000s and who knew what terrible things was the World Wide Web capable of? No one, that’s right. So obviously I think I have the right to dish out some […]

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