I Define Me.

If there was a book called Art of Interviews For Dummies (and there should be one!), the first strongly recommended interview question would be – “Define yourself in one word.”  This is one thing that almost all of us have braved at some point, right? The question also comes up regularly at several occasions other […]

We Need To Bolt.

We do. We need to like, seriously Bolt.  We, as in me and my 2 year old girl, of course. And Bolt here means two things:  First, the obvious meaning of Bolt – which is to bolt, as in the dictionary meaning (look it up, I don’t have that kind of time. Jeez!)  And the […]

Fair Game. Or Not?

Hey ladies! Whachoodoin? So. This is supposed to be about men’s grooming but let’s make it about us, okay? Okay. Let’s talk about if nature has been fair to us. I’ve always been happy being a girl, except for a few times in my life when I’d wished I was a man instead. I know, […]

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