Resolutions? No, ThankYouVeryMuch.

It’s 2015.  It’s actually only the 3rd day of the new year and I’m already sure this year is gonna be super great. Great as in, sarcasm. Obviously. These 3 days have been kind of sad. Husband is away since the 1st of Jan, toddler is totally out of control and writing is not happening […]

35 Things I Don’t Really Care About (But Probably Should) (Nah, I Just Don’t)

  Source: Your Twitter follower / unfollower statistics. Keep that shit to yourself. Pictures of your dental patients’ “condition”. No one, not even half of the dentists, want to be exposed to that kind of crap on social media. This is why Facebook introduced Closed Groups, I imagine. New iPhone tricks you’ve just learned. […]

Is Being Too Nice Making You Sick?

  Being too nice is SO not me – Yes, that’s my starting line.I’m someone who is always real (at least I try!) and was previously known for misbehaving. I have admitted a lot of times that there are times when I not only enjoy being bitchy, but I feel supremely healthy. Seriously, you have […]

The Anti Love-Guru

That’s me. Throughout my adult life – wait, throughout my entire life I’ve hated to have committed people about me. Serious. And whenever one of my friends got committed, I have tried my level best (and even succeeded many times) to help break up. Against their will, obviously. But who cares. Single friends are the […]

Makeup Tips…

…not really. This is just to keep the guys away from this post. hehe. This is basically a girlie post. From me, yes, thank you. People keep telling me to get in touch with the girl in me, always. So I got in touch with the girl in me, and turns out, she is kind […]

Predict-Everyone’s-Future Day

I have survived a 3rd degree sun burn while rafting, I have emerged from a ‘who am I?’ kind of reflective phase and have dealt with a bitch from a client company. The only good things being the fun I had on the raft and a special interest. (Okay I won’t say more about it). […]

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