The Season Of Happiness is Here!

A beautifully wrapped gift with your name-tag on it is a sure way to a quick and big smile, isn’t it? I was in 11th standard at school and it was that time of the year when I had to go out in the market and pick out gifts for my sister and brother. Yes, it was […]

The Best Selfie Style

I have said it a lot of times on this blog, that I am what you call a Selfie Addict. I mean, I was taking selfies years before the term selfie was coined. I was clicking my own pictures even before I owned a cell phone, with a traditional camera-with-a-role. Yeah, let it sink down […]

Redefining The Smart Phone Experience

So much has been said and written about smart phones that yet another post on the subject seems unnecessary. But if it is about a phone that is not only exciting, but is also loaded with features that you would actually want – it demands a write up. So here I am, telling you why […]

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