Hotel Booking Tips in Delhi

I have made a lot of friends during my numerous travels, and few of them are not Indian residents. Two of my very good travel buddies are from Germany and UAE, and while they love India for everything it has to offer – they tell me that hotel booking in India is something they are […]

When I’m Not Around – Part 3 (I think)

Listen, I’m not always writing, okay?  Make peace with it. Or thank God. Whatever. The point is, I have other things to do with my laptop other than typing out post after post of awesomeness (according to me and my sister, at least). Jesus. And, when I am not around – and seeing how this […]

I Will Launder This Item.

Yes, yes, that is a line from the Fifty Shade of Grey movie but it is used in an entirely different, and far better context here. This is what 16 year old Saurabh said for laundry.  I will tell you all about his ‘Laundering’ story, but first let me say that I am taking the […]

With Time, You Never Know

You think you have time You think you have a chance Another chance You think there will be Opportunities, in plenty You think You’ll keep some time in your hands For books you want to read For good coffee For just standing still in the rain. You think you Will always have options You are […]


‘Throw a party,’ He says. ‘Call your girls Drink,  Have fun!’   ‘Or read the books From the shelf They’ve been waiting – the gone girls, the thief, that elf?’ ‘And write a lot while I’m away. The distance is temporary Don’t let it get to you, okay?’ Oh It’s just about a month, I […]

Chances, Chances.

Chances, chancesChances lost are hope’s torn up pagesMaybe this time Chances are we’ll be the combinationChances come and carry meChances are waiting to be taken, and I can see Chances are the fascinationsChances won’t escape from meChances are only what we make them and all I need I’ve been humming the song under my breath […]

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