Write for India: An Idea: A Short Story Collaboration

Have I told you about InkHorn Publishing India yet? Well, it is a brand new publishing house in India which is conceptually so beautiful that it will make you want to write and get published immediately. InkHorn is a Publishing House that is author friendly, is transparent, is incredibly driven and I am a part of it! […]

Smartphone Technology: For The Future #Technocrats

You know why my parents did not install the land line phone until I was in 9th standard? Because they thought it would hamper our studies – mine and the siblings’. It was a torture not to be getting blank calls like all my friends at the time, and as I re-call this today, my mom is laughing […]

A Toast To My Heroes!

The universe is not made of atoms,, It is made of tiny stories – Of love, longing, laughter And People who inspire us.   Tata Motors’ and Lionel Messi: #MadeOfGreat So true, because we owe a lot to people who inspire us – to achieve our biggest dream, or to be happy in the day […]

5 Tips To Keep Your Baby’s Skin Safe: Parenting

A New Baby Is Like The Beginning Of All Things Wonder, Hope, A Dream  Of Possibilities.   – Eda J. Le Shan Parenting is probably the biggest job in the world, and undoubtedly the most well paying job ever. You lose some sleep, sure – but you get tiny hands cuddling you and tiny fingers […]

The Season Of Happiness is Here!

A beautifully wrapped gift with your name-tag on it is a sure way to a quick and big smile, isn’t it? I was in 11th standard at school and it was that time of the year when I had to go out in the market and pick out gifts for my sister and brother. Yes, it was […]

Travel Tips: Best Time to Visit Santorini

Every travel guide and every travel expert will tell you that the best time to visit Santorini is June to September. And they are right, because that is the “in” season and tourists are everywhere. Best Time To Travel To Santorini. But – if you are looking for some real Travel, not just the touristy […]

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