This Heartbreak: A Poetry Collection | Poems on love, loss and heartbreak

This Heartbreak: My Poetry Collection! Poems on Love, Loss, Heartbreak & Hope

I published my poetry collection, eeee!!!! Okay, let’s calm down – note to myself. I published it in May 2020 so this is already too late. Hi everyone, this blog has been inactive lately because, in the world of quick social media updates and snackable content in bite sizes, I am not sure if anyone […]

Never Enough: A Poem About Heartbreak on World Suicide Prevention Day

Never Enough: A Poem on World Suicide Prevention Day

No sadder reason than suicide to return to blogging, but hey, here I am. Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and I am glad there is something like this in today’s world. We are far from a society where empathy is easily accessible, but it gives me hope that we have started the conversation on […]

5 Easy Ways to Combine Style and Comfort for Girls Who Travel

When I’m Not Around: Part 5

Should I even try to express how guilty I feel that this is a series on my blog? I shouldn’t, I know. I feel bad, that’s all. But I’m not the one to (totally) abandon my travel blog / lifestyle blog / whatever category this blog is now, so I will write part 5 of […]

Motorcycling trip with your buddies

Motorcycling trip with your buddies

A few years back we went on an impromptu biking trip in Goa. We were looking at Mumbai to Goa flights and came across a suggested itinerary for biking, and it stick in some of our heads as a possible activity in Goa. And we finally did end up doing that! This post is about […]

Explore the quaint Himalayan town of Dalhousie

Explore the quaint Himalayan town of Dalhousie

High up within the layers of the Greater Himalayas, is a town that has stood through the test of time, where the hills and valleys come alive with the sounds of nature, and it goes by the name of Dalhousie. Named after the Earl of Dalhousie and the British Governor General of India of 1854, […]

The Complete Guide to Spending A 2 Day Trip in Coorg

Dubbed the Scotland of the East, Coorg is a fantastic place for a holiday. Adored by couples and families, this hill station has plenty to offer every traveller. The experiences you can enjoy in Coorg gives you every reason to celebrate the perfect holiday in India. For the best experience, you would want to stay […]

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