The Complete Guide to Spending A 2 Day Trip in Coorg

Dubbed the Scotland of the East, Coorg is a fantastic place for a holiday. Adored by couples and families, this hill station has plenty to offer every traveller. The experiences you can enjoy in Coorg gives you every reason to celebrate the perfect holiday in India.

For the best experience, you would want to stay in Coorg for two days. It is enough time to spend in Coorg and within that time, you can explore and enjoy all the fun things that Coorg has to offer. If you are planning a trip to Coorg and don’t have the time to draw out an itinerary, follow this guide to the best things to do on a 2 day trip to Coorg.

A Two Day Itinerary in Coorg

Day 1: Start your trip in Coorg

Begin your trip in Coorg with a nice local breakfast before proceeding to do some sightseeing and exploring the best natural sites in the hill station. There are many places to see in Coorg, but for your benefit, we have listed all the best ones to visit.

Best Places to Eat in Coorg

In Coorg, you can savor authentic Kodava cuisine, that delivers the perfect surprise with its wonderful spices. Although Kodava is the main cuisine in Coorg, you do have other kinds of cuisines served at restaurants in the hill station. Due to the increasing number of tourists, restaurants are even selling international cuisines such as Italian and American.

  1. Malaya Restaurant
Savour delicious Momos at Malaya Restaurant
Savour delicious Momos at Malaya Restaurant

At this quaint restaurant in Coorg, do not miss out on savoring the best momos and thukpa in town. The décor of the restaurant is not fancy, but you do feel a sense of warmth as soon as you enter the place with the smiling wait staff, who know what to suggest for your best meal.

What to Eat: Momos and thukpa

Location: Bylakuppe

Timing: 7 am to 9 pm

Average Cost: Rs. 800 for two


  1. Coorg Cuisine
Enjoy Kodava Food at Coorg Cuisine
Enjoy Kodava Food at Coorg Cuisine

Caption: Enjoy Kodava Food at Coorg Cuisine

This is one of the best places in Coorg for authentic Kodava cuisine. The dishes served here are prepared using traditional cooking methods and the chefs grind their own spices. The Coorgi Pork is the best dish at the restaurant. Service is excellent, but expect a long waiting time on the weekend.

What to Eat: Coorgi Pork, Pork Chops

Location: Stuart Hill

Timing: 12pm to 4pm; 7pm to 10pm

Average Cost: Rs.800 for two

What to do in Coorg

In Coorg, you must never miss the chance to explore the hill station’s fantastic landscapes, hills, and rivers. Added to the fun of exploring is the fact that you can also engage in a bit of adventure sports. Trekking a big activity in Coorg. Students from Manipal and locals from Bangalore often visit Coorg and hike up its lovely hills.

Another cool thing to do is to hire a vehicle and drive through Coorg, checking out all the best sites around town. Those who love to swim, can do so at the famous Iruppu Falls. Don’t venture too deep into the water though, it could be dangerous.

Where to stay in Coorg

When you are in Coorg, you would want to stay at comfortable and affordable places. The best way to go about getting good deals is to book Treebo hotels in Coorg. You can also check out the Treebo online hotel booking App. They have a good list of hotels with great amenities and rooms budget prices.

Day 2: Explore places Near Coorg

There are a few nice places near Coorg that you can add to your travel itinerary for a fantastic experience.

  1. Visit the Dubare Elephant Camp
The Dubare Elephant Camp
The Dubare Elephant Camp

Spend the first half of the day at the Dubare Elephant Camp. At this sanctuary, learn about the elephants and their habitat. You can also book an accommodation at the camp and enjoy a day of fun by engaging in various wildlife activities.

Where: Dubare

  1. Thadiyandamol Hills
Thadiyandamol Hills
Thadiyandamol Hills

The steep slopes of the Thadiyandamol Hills make it an ideal spot for trekking. If you are into adventure sports or are up for a challenge, hike to the top of the hill. The best time to reach the base of the trek is in the morning. You’ll reach the top by noon and you can spend the whole afternoon relaxing at the peak and gazing at mother nature’s beautiful landscapes.

Where: Yevakapadi

  1. Visit a Coffee Plantation
A Coffee Plantation near Coorg
A Coffee Plantation near Coorg

Apart from the gorgeous hills, the most beautiful parts of Coorg is its coffee plantations. Coorg is well known for its coffee plantation and most of these allow tourists to visit through a tour. You can book a day tour or any of the plantations located around the hills of Coorg and learn about coffee beans are cultivated.

Famous Coffee Plantations: Tata Plantations, The Tamara

These are all the best places to see and dine at in Coorg. Visit all of these places when you are on a 2 day trip to the hill station. Like we have mentioned above, use the second day of your stay in Coorg to explore its neighbouring places for a great holiday in this part of South India.

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