Cycling – A Fun Experience that Will Refresh Lives When You Travel

Cycling – A Fun Experience that Will Refresh Lives

Indian cities are seeing a growth in the number of cyclists, from young college-goers to professionals looking for a cleaner commute option. There are plenty of reasons why cycling can rejuvenate the average urban dweller’s daily routine. The health benefits have been chronicled for ages, paramount in today’s world where stress can take its toll on the human body.

Cycling’s Health Benefits

Cycling is known as a good stress-busting exercise. Those who suffer from poor sleep can benefit a lot from a compact and rigorous workout that a round of cycling gives. According to some studies, cycling helps balance a person’s circadian rhythm, the internal body clock that helps regulate sleep time. Cycling is an exercise that fights the ageing process, most visible in the skin. It flushes out toxins from the skin and the improved circulation from cycling helps the skin absorb more oxygen and collect collagen, a compound that fights the formation of wrinkles.

Cycling is an exercise that keeps the metabolism controlled and increases the strength of the immune system. So pedalling to work will help keep colds and other infections at bay. As a psychological stimulant, a good session of cycling improves blood circulation to the brain and helps regenerate cells.

Cycling is considered a more effective weight-loss method as it gives a total body workout while the pedalling movement does not put too much pressure on the joints, compared to jogging.

Cycling – A Fun Experience that Will Refresh Lives When You Travel
Cycle When You Travel.

Save Fuel, Save Money

For short commutes, cycling is an effective way to reach the destination on time. Rush hour average speeds for cars are quite low because of traffic snarls, a cycle ride is quick, and one can negotiate gridlocks by using smaller lanes and shortcuts that are inaccessible to public transport.

Cycling is a no-fuel transport solution. Petrol and diesel prices can bite a hole in the pocket, incorporating a few cycle rides a week will help in the savings department. With lesser carbon footprint, cycling is a green way to travel. Cities with a significant number of cyclists have reported less pollution levels.

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Cycling – A Fun Experience that Will Refresh Lives When You Travel
Cycle To Stay Fit!

Advantages of Bike Rentals

One does not even have to buy an expensive cycle to travel around in Indian cities nowadays. Bicycle rental companies like Pedl are combining this ageless form of transport with smart tech to make finding a bike very convenient. One can look for stations that rent a bicycle online, find the nearest one and unlock the bike using a wallet app.

The advantage of renting a bicycle is that commuters do not have to worry about storage. Riders can use the cycle only when it is required and return it when the trip is complete. Rental rates are very cheap, so this mode of transport is not going to hurt the budget.

With cycle rental services available with a simple tap on the phone, there is no reason to wait. Cycling in the city should be done following all the safety precautions. From work to recreation, it is a great way to explore the town, get things done quickly and improve overall lifestyle.

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