5 Easy Ways to Combine Style and Comfort for Girls Who Travel

Stay Stylish While Travelling: 5 Easy Ways to Combine Style and Comfort for Girls Who Travel

Just as I am getting ready for yet another trip as a travel blogger, looking for Women Shoes Online and a trendy yet functional backpack – I realize that with too much or too long travel schedule, fashion takes a backseat with most of us.

Travelling is fun, no doubt about that, but when you’re travelling back to back or long term – your style and fashion tends to take a back seat. It can be due to fatigue, or a busy travel schedule – or something as silly as no clean clothes left until the next laundry opportunity. Most of the times, we try to pack light and might not carry as much clothing items or accessories as we’d like.

5 Easy Ways to Combine Style and Comfort for Girls Who Travel
5 Easy Ways to Combine Style and Comfort for Girls Who Travel

Carry one pair of sunglasses for a ten day trip? Pack heels or an extra pair of denims? Is the luggage too heavy? What about space in the suitcase after you shop at your destination? The struggle is real. I know, I’ve been there.

On most occasions, I pick packing light over carrying more outfits, and no fuss look over makeup while I travel. I think most of us do this, right?

However, we do want to look good and stylish when we explore a new destination, and all of us want the travel pictures and selfies to come out really good. I know I do! I mean travel pictures are memories and I want to feel good when I look at them. Sometimes I look at women travellers and wonder how they look so amazing in all their travel pictures, and I was pleasantly surprised when friends asked the same question.

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A lot of friends and readers often ask about shoes as well – how to choose the best type of shoes to carry on a trip is a common question I get. I firmly believe that the ingredients for a successful trip include great footwear that can handle anything. A traveller requires a pair of shoes that are so comfortable, protective, and versatile that she/he won’t even think about them the entire trip.

5 Easy Ways to Combine Style and Comfort for Girls Who Travel
5 Easy Ways to Combine Style and Comfort for Girls Who Travel

To put the best foot forward (pun intended) on every journey, it is imperative that you plan for your footwear. The journey can be anything, from an adventure trip that will have you walking the tough terrain of Himalayas, to urban tourism which will require you to walk the busy streets of Hong Kong for the better part of the day.

So naturally, every type of trip calls for a different type of shoe. My advice is to always ask yourself these two questions:

1. Where are am I going?


2. What will I be doing there?


5 Easy Ways to Combine Style and Comfort for Girls Who Travel
5 Easy Ways to Combine Style and Comfort for Girls Who Travel

Find your perfect fit, even if you’re packing five pairs of footwear or just one multipurpose pair. When you find a pair that looks like they’re up to the challenge, you need to test them properly. Also, it is extremely important to break in the shoe if you’ve bought it recently, before you set for the trip. Before you leave, take the time to get used to the new pair of shoes, and do it gradually. Do not wait for your trip to really wear your travel shoes. And hey, do not forget good quality socks!

Personally, I try to pack shoes I am comfortable with and would also go with my outfits.

I am no fashionista, but I try to plan my outfits in a way that it is stylish as well as super comfortable. For the longest time, my style has revolved around comfort and I try to make it work. So the question posed to me made me feel good, and I wanted to share a few of my style trips for girls who travel a lot, and are on the move.

5 Easy Way To Combine Style and Comfort When you Travel:

  1. Pay attention to your shoes. Like I mentioned above, shoes are extremely important for every traveller. Never forget packing a pair of good sports shoes for women, even if you aren’t going on an adventurous trip – trust me, they will come in handy and you will thank me later. Be sure to pack shoes and accessories that can be worn with multiple outfits – like a pair of neutral colour flats.
  2. Carry a few scarves in different patterns and styles. A scarf can add flair to a basic outfit, giving it an edge. Even if you’re carrying comfortable tees and tops, adding scarves will make your attire trendy. Look up different ways to do a scarf, and viola, you’re set!
  3. Don’t forget skin care while travelling. Always carry a dependable sun screen with you, especially if you’re going to a beach destination. No matter how tired you are by the end of the day, never forget to take your makeup off before sleeping. Drink plenty of water during your trip. A healthy skin is pretty much the best style tip for all of us.
  4. Always pack basic clothing items that you can interchange. Regardless of the where you’re travelling to, you must pack at least a few pairs of basic denims, a few solid colour tops, and striped essentials like a shift dress or a long shirt. These are the best combinations for any city—comfortable, easy to pack, and always chic.
  5. Go for bold accessories. Pack bold accessories such as statement necklaces or scarves to update your look. So while you might wear the same basic white linen shirt twice during your month long trip, you can jazz it up and differentiate every look by adding a different piece of bold accessory – it can be a necklace, a scarf as mentioned above (yes, scarves are my new love!) or statement earrings.

What are your tips for travelling in style? Do share with me.

Happy travelling!

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