What are the 3 Most Romantic Countries in the World?

What are the 3 Most Romantic Countries in the World?

The world is full of romantic countries. Every country is romantic in its own unique way. But you have to choose because you simply can’t visit all of them. Taking your loved one to a special place is a way to show your appreciation. And when you attempt a journey you definitely want everything to be perfect.

Thus, you need guidance. You need to know what you can and where. Going somewhere just to be disappointed is not useful. Therefore, read the following guide to know some of the most romantic countries to visit with one of the incredibly beautiful women dating online.


France always appears in every top of the most romantic countries. French people are naturally passionate. France is more romantic than many other countries put together. But you, probably, know it for yourself. However, you don’t know why.

Well, take, for example, Notre Dame. It is referenced in one of the greatest romantic stories ever written, specifically in Victor Hugo’s Notre Dame de Paris. The story of love between the Hunchback of Notre Dame and Esmeralda is definitely romantic. And people all over the world have read this story.

Then, take Seine River. In fact, all Paris is very romantic. Its tiny streets, Montmartre, beautiful music, flowers, wine, and passionate people all create a unique atmosphere full of love and attraction. To be honest, romantic love as a concept was invented in Medieval France. That is a historical fact. And French people value nothing more than love and the place it occupies in human lives.

Therefore, France is one of the most romantic European countries.

[I have never been to Paris, but I love the idea of Paris and I based a crucial scene in my second book Love, Whatever That Means in fake Paris. Well, you’ll know what I mean when you read it!]


What are the 3 Most Romantic Countries in the World?
What are the 3 Most Romantic Countries in the World?


Italy is second to France. It is definitely one of the most romantic countries in Europe. But many people find it even more romantic. The best cities are Florence and Venice. Lovers from all over the world come there to enjoy its authentic and distinguishing atmosphere.

There no more places like that through the whole globe. Venice is a unique city. Try visiting the famous Bridge of Lovers there. And, of course, ride a gondola. You can even ask a troubadour to sing you and your partner a song like it was done in the past.

The world’s famous romantic poet Dante was born in Florence. The climate, architecture, and warm people in this place are considered to have hot blood running through veins. It means that they are naturally passionate. The ways in which Italians express themselves show that they are very energetic and active. And what is love if not energy which fuels our lives?


Finally, Argentina is the most romantic country in America. In fact, in both Americas, northern and southern. The world’s most famous romantic dance tango was created in Argentina. People in Argentina appreciate love to the point where it becomes their single most important aim in life. Even French people like to go to Argentina. Buenos Aires is a wonderful city.

You can enjoy live music and warm weather. You can try local cuisine and take dancing courses. You can have a room with a view of the ocean. All that and many other things are available for you. Argentina offers tremendous romantic experience. It is a country made by lovers and for lovers.

You can go to the beach or take a trip to the mountains. People will be glad to see you and your partner together wherever you go. Social traditions in Argentina value nothing more than the two people loving each other. And that is exactly what’s so great about this beautiful country. It seems like romance is integrated into its foundations.

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What are the 3 Most Romantic Countries in the World?
What are the 3 Most Romantic Countries in the World?

So, France, Italy, and Argentina are the most romantic countries in the world. This is not subjective opinion. You can ask anybody or do your own research. And you will reveal that it is true. Therefore, make a trip to any of these three in order to put some drive in your relationships. You won’t regret it.

Happy Travelling!

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    France remains my favourite

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