Auntie Fung's Asian Street Food Restaurant Review Gurgaon

Go To Auntie Fung’s For Authentic Asian Street Food in Gurgaon: Restaurant Review

To be honest with you, finding Asian street food in Gurgaon was a wonderful thing that happened to me – I LOVE it so much that during most of my trips to the region (Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia etc), I skipped at least one already paid-for meal at the hotel and went for the street food. Sometimes I skipped all three meals at the hotel to eat outside at the local restaurants –  that’s how much I love Asian street food and the variety it has to offer.

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Asian Street Food in Gurgon, Auntie Fung's review
Asian Street Food in Gurgaon – Auntie Fung’s

But what about you? Do you like Asian street food? Or, do you want to try it out and see what’s all the fuss about? Well, let me introduce you to Auntie Fung’s.

Auntie Fung's Gurgaon Restaurant Review
Auntie Fung’s Gurgaon

It is an adorable place in Galleria Market, Gurgoan (on the first floor), and the food is a perfect match to the ambiance inside – which is warm, inviting and very, very comforting.

A little background would be good here. According to the website, Auntie Fung is a fifty two year old food nomad from Vietnam who has travelled across Asia learning the culinary culture of different countries. Cooking is one of the biggest loves of Auntie’s life – nothing gives her greater joy than feeding the hungry souls. Her cuisine is a reflection of what she has gathered during her visits to different Asian countries. She now owns a food cart from which she dishes out her signature items. But Auntie is a dreamer and wants to take her food to the world.

Auntie Fung's Gurgaon Restaurant Review
Auntie Fung’s Gurgaon, Galleria.

With the big dream of reaching out to more people across the globe, Auntie Fung was introduced to India in March 2015, bringing her soulful Asian delicacies along.

AUNTIE FUNG’S- Asian food comes home” first started in Bangalore with the vision of bringing the goodness of hearty Asian street food to mainstream India in a healthy, hygienic, quick service environment. A street is where you will find the heart of a cuisine and its culture- Auntie Fung’s symbolizes that truly Asian essence.

The Gurgaon outlet is the second one, and that is where I decided to try my luck with Asia street food in India, after having a not-so-great experience in the recent past. Here is how my visit went:

We, a family of three – my husband, our daughter and I, went to Auntie Fung’s Gurgaon for lunch on a lazy Saturday. The husband was on leave, and as any Indian Army Wife would know, I wanted to make the most of this time when he’s here. So a quiet lunch with comfort food at a peaceful place seemed like a good idea. The decision to have lunch was mainly because it was winter, and Galleria is a parking nightmare at the weekends evenings.

best Asian Street Food in Gurgaon
Best Asian Street Food in Gurgaon

I have to tell you that the husband is not a big fan of the coconut curry flavor in particular, or Thai food in general (I know, I now. More for me to eat!), so I was a bit apprehensive – but this time he was game to try out some Asian street food that I’ve been talking about so much. So off we went to Auntie Fung’s!


The Gurgoan outlet is vibrant and cosy. We loved it the moment we saw it. It is a small space that is sunny and bright – an instant pick-me-up for the mood. The white walls are lined with art that is lively and brightens the space. The place was clean and we chose a table with direct sunlight. Our daughter was given a very cute Auntie Fung’s Asian style conical paper cap to wear, which she had on almost until dinner back home because kids are nothing if not hell-bent-on-doing-something-until-its-broken. Right? Right.

Auntie Fung's Gurgaon Restaurant Review
Auntie Fung’s in Gurgaon: Asian Street Food


The service was decent. It wasn’t very quick, but it wasn’t lacking in any way either.


The staff was very helpful, I have to say. We more of less knew what we wanted to order here, but for our daughter, we asked for suggestions and they were warm and eager to make it comfortable for us. The staff was attentive as well, filling up water glasses regularly and attending to us often.


For appetizers, we ordered Chicken Satay and Assorted Chicken Dimsum Basket. The Chicken Satay was to die for – so flavorful and utterly yummy. The two kind of dips that came with the dimsums were heavenly. The dimsums were great as well, and I think next time I’m going to get a repeat of these two dishes.

Auntie Fung's Gurgaon Restaurant Review
Asian Street Food in Gurgaon at Auntie Fung’s: Chicken Satay

And oh, the chicken satay took me back to my day of exploring the streets of Jakarta, where I ate chicken satay for two consecutive meals! Read about my trip to Jakarta here: My Trip To Jakarta

For main course, we got Malaysian Laksa and Auntie’s Special Rice. The Malaysian Laksa was something I had heard about from a friend, who tried it as Auntie Fung’s and highly recommended it. Personally, I had tried it for the first time in Malaysia last year, loved it and tried a couple of place in Dehradun and Gurgoan which did not match my expectation so I had stopped ordering it. Here, on my friend’s recco, I tried it and I’m happy to report that it was one of the most delicious I’ve ever had in India. You HAVE to try it when you go here, and thank me later. I also want to try their Burmese Khowsuey, so I am going to order that the next time I go to try Asian street food at Auntie Fung’s.  Read about the read the next point.

Asian Street Food: Auntie Fung's Gurgaon Restaurant Review
Malaysian Laksa at Auntie Fung’s Gurgaon

We did not have any space left in our tummies to go for dessert, so can’t comment on that. I regret it, I do. But we were just so full, the portions at Auntie Fung’s are generous.

Kid Friendliness:

My kid is 5 years old and wants to eat mildly spiced chicken or french fries every time we go out. At Auntie Fung’s, on the recommendation of the staff, we got the Auntie’s Special Rice for her – which was a delicious version of Indonesia fried rice with lots of veggies and just the right amount of flavor and spices for her.

best Asian Street Food in Gurgaon
Auntie’s Special Rice at Auntie Fung’s: The Best Asian Street Food in Gurgaon

She also loved the Chicken Satay – finishing two skewers worth of the dish, and then demanding for more. For older kids, they do have various starters that could be interesting, and there are always noodles and fried rice to fall back on – because most kids love them.

Money’s worth:

Auntie Fung’s is a total value for money. I mean, Asian street food that is inexpensive and yet so good – with quality ingredients and as close to the authentic taste as possible – you will not get it at most of the popular places I can guarantee you that.

Auntie Fung's Gurgaon Restaurant Review
Auntie Fung’s Gurgaon – Menu

Take a look at the menu – the rates are great and affordable, and once you taste the food, you,ll know what I mean when I say that this is where you get authentic Asian street style food in a surprisingly good budget. All the more reason to love the place!

Overall experience and rating of Auntie Fung’s Gurgaon:

It was delightful experience and I thank the staff and management for the hospitality. We had fun and we are definitely coming back here for more Asia street food.

If you want to try Auntie Fung’s delicious Asian street food, do visit them in Galleria Market Gurgoan (first floor), or you can order online from here for Bangalore and Gurgaon.

My Zomato Review of the restaurant is here.

Have a good weekend ahead!

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