The Curious Case of Curiosity to Help Creativity in Kids

The Curious Case of Curiosity to Help Creativity in Kids: Parenting Notes

In parenting, one of the most important thing is to encourage your kid’s inherent curiosity by answering her questions, no matter how complicated or frequent, and by showing support for their growing mind’s hunger for knowledge. Whenever asked for an opinion or pointers for better parenting, I always tell new parents to be patient with the kid’s question – and to answer them as honestly as you can.

I know this can be tough, especially because kids can be relentless and the Why-s and the How-s can go on nonstop. But the encouragement they receive from parents for their curiosity, can help them in the long run by staying creative and innovative.

Why, you ask?

Well, because it has been proven by various studies that curiosity promotes creativity. And we all want our kids to be creative, to think out of the box, to innovate and to be able to question everything before they accept it as “normal”.

Man is a curious creature by nature, and our curiosity has got us this far. From inventing fire to inventing the wheel and onwards, human beings’ inquisitive trait has been working for the species’ benefit since thousands of years. And we live in a time when incessant curiosity followed by innovation has never been faster in replacing outdated products and processes.

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importance of curiosity in kids
Curious Kids

Today the focus has shifted to academics that are based on accepting the facts, with little room for curiosity. But a lot of parents believe that the future belongs to the brave, to the explorers, the learners, the dreamers, the doers – and  we do all we can to encourage the curiosity in kids.

I came across this wonderful article which beautifully explains the human nature with respect to curiosity. Her’s an excerpt:

It’s this curiosity that has been preserved in a few of us to follow through even if we know the probable outcome is failure. It’s the wonder in the unknown, in the discovery of something new, that drives creativity and innovation. It’s the questions that move us forward.

The transformative power of curiosity can make kids fearless and more accepting of the world, as opposed to staunch followers of a belief or principle without questioning it. You know how crucial this is in today’s divided world.

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importance of curiosity in kids
The importance of curiosity in kids

Mom, why can’t I record my dreams so that I can watch them later?

Dad, why can’t we turn on the lights with our minds?

These are questions by my 5 years old daughter. They sound funny but they also have a high potential – the huge possibility to be a reality in the future, if she decided to fuel her curiosity and to pursue her creativity. This is how innovations take place, don’t they?

For kids, curiosity is not only the most powerful driver of innovation and progress, but it also opens doors and reveals new horizons for those who possess them – in both their professional and private lives.


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importance of curiosity in kids
The importance of curiosity in kids

But how can we teach our kids to keep their curiosity, creativity and hunger for knowledge alive? Simply by encouraging it.

Encourage kids to ask questions.

Support their need to investigate seemingly normal things.

Teach them to question things instead of accepting them.

Fuel their creativity. Provide them with insights. Love them for being hungry to know more.

And this is how, at an early stage, human beings can learn to stay curious throughout their life span. Curiosity and creativity is good for your kid, it’s good for this world. Let’s foster these qualities in our children, because this world depends on them!

If you find this interesting, I urge you to check this out, and take the Curiosity Test.


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