Taking Kids on Long Duration Flights: Tips To Travel With Kids

Taking Kids on Long Duration Flights: Tips To Travel With Kids

Travel with kids can be fun but only when they are comfortable and you are well prepared. I have written a lot about travelling with kids on this blog, and I get a lot of questions from readers about how to make it easier. So in this post, I will share my experience of travelling with kids on long-distance flights. Hope this helps you!

Right from the moment I buy my flight tickets, I start planning on how I am going to keep my daughter entertained. This is because my five years old tends to get bored very easily and I have to make sure she enjoys her time on the flight by keeping busy in things she likes.

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Taking Kids on Long Duration Flights: Tips To Travel With Kids
Taking Kids on Long Duration Flights: Tips To Travel With Kids

Tips to take kids on long-duration flights:

  1. Make them comfortable.

The first tip on almost everything with kids is to make them comfortable. Same goes for travel. Any long-distance flight that take more than 5 to 6 hours, is a long-distance flight for kids. As parents, your first step should be to ensure that the children are well prepared about spending as many hours on a plane and to try and make the flight comfortable. Start with clothes – cosy clothes that keep the kids warm in the generally cool on-board temperature, is a must. Carry an extra pair of socks. Although most airlines provide blankets, for younger kids, you can carry their favourite blanket to make the journey easy.

  1. Carry favourite snacks

Aeroplane food is fun for a lot of kids, but you never know with kids! I ensure that whenever I am on a long flight with my daughter, I pack some of her favourite snacks. From a little cupcake to a tiny box of carrot sticks (her favourite!) – or even candy and dried berries – I have tried it all! Having their favourite food item can help cure those sudden hunger pangs and will also give you a happy child.

  1. Entertainment

This is very important! A friend recently told me that her best long-flight experience with her son was when she travelled aircosta – mainly because her son was entertained for the entire duration! This is how important it is to keep the little ones busy. I usually pack one new activity book for the flight – the kind that has coloring pages, puzzles and stickers etc. My daughter loves these! I also keep an iPad fully charged with three to four age-appropriate games for her to play with – games of matching alphabets, small number additions and phonics, to running and building games also work. Find your kids liking and prepare accordingly.

  1. Sleep is important!

Kids need to sleep and a nap on the flight is not only good for the kids but also for the parents. So try and make the children get some shut-eye during the flight. It is comparatively easy in last night or early morning flights, so if possible, you can book these flights. The favourite blanket I mentioned in the first point, can come in handy here as well.

There are a lot of other ways to travel happily and fuss-free with kids on long-duration flights, but these are the basics and if you get these right, your journey can be a pleasant one. After all, a happy kid is a job well done for all travelling parents across the world!


Do you have any more tips on travelling with kids on flights? Do share with me in comments.

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