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Why Metal Straps Are All the Rage!

Watches are an integral element of your personal style and fashion statement. Owning one is like an extension of your personality, and you are sometimes even defined by the watch strapped around your wrist. Which makes it all the more important to find the right timepiece that matches your persona, and something that you can flaunt proudly every time you step out wearing it!

With so much to choose from in the watch world, metal straps have become immensely popular. The clear cut steel paired with beautiful dials boasts of elegance—and no one does it better than Rolex. The Swiss luxury watchmaker has evolved with the tides of time for over a century and has crafted exquisite timepieces that are more than just a watch—they are an experience!

The metal-strapped Rolex watches have become synonymous in popular culture for exuding class and is the front runner in the watch world that defines watches as a symbol of luxury. With every new creation they set a standard along with a trend. These trend-setting Rolex watches in India are exclusively available at authorized retailers like Ethos Watch Boutiques. Their catalogue extends from classic variants like Datejust and Daytona to the exclusive Submariners! Here’s more on these timeless collections:

Rolex Daytona

Rolex watches in IndiaOne of the most iconic Rolex watches in the market, the Daytona was introduced in 1963 as an accurate timepiece for race car drivers. The beautifully crafted watch face features a highly accurate and reliable chronograph with a tachymeter scale that can be used by racers to precisely measure their speed of up to 400 kilometers per hour. It has become a legendary timepiece variant in the motoring world. It is also highly regarded because of its built and construction quality which uses high-grade materials that ensure it can keep working even in high speed situations. The perfect combination of performance, speed and luxury, the Daytona is meant for every thrill-seeker out there!

Rolex GMT-Master II

buy Rolex watches in India

From the racing circuits to the circuits of the skies, the GMT-Master II was designed specifically keeping in mind the pilots who wanted the combination of cutting edge features with a resistance to altitude. Since its launch, it has been a popular choice among aviators because of its reliability during long-distance travels. Featuring a rotating 24-hour bezel and a unique 24-hour hand, the watch has excellent time tracking features and the wearer can simultaneously read three different time zones at once. The metal straps come in both gold and platinum finishes while the dark green dials make it stand out in the Rolex watches collection to give it a distinct look. Apart from aviators, people looking for a combination of style and function will have to look no further than the GMT-Master II.

Rolex Yachtmaster

Best Rolex watches in India

With a trademark design that has made it a popular choice, the Yachtmaster was designed to reflect the breezy luxury you can enjoy in yachts on a sunny day. The watch was introduced in the 1950s built with features such as a bidirectional rotating bezel, trip lock winding crown, which enhances its waterproof functionality, and par chrome oscillator hairspring that makes it resistant to magnetic fields and shocks. The chronograph was a regatta which was the first programmable mechanical countdown timer in the world and could be used at the start of a yacht race. The watch is finally combined with its trademark two-tone metal strap making it a subtly classy timepiece that is elegant and practical at the same time!

Rolex Submariner

Rolex watches in India

The Submariner is also known as the ‘Bond Watch’. It has been sported by various actors playing James Bond like Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton, and its name comes from its outstanding underwater abilities. It was introduced in 1953 with the pioneering timepiece specifically engineered for scuba diving and water sports activities. The Submariner was the very first timepiece that was designed to be water resistant at 100 meters or 330 feet. With further updates and additions, the watch currently has a water resistance of up to 300 meters or 1000 feet.

It is popular choice for watch enthusiasts and water sports aficionados alike. The hardened yet beautiful design and neutral tones combined with that large, beautiful dial will attract anyone’s attention!

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