5 Reasons I Love Krabi

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Krabi: Amazing Thailand!

Thailand is a popular tourist destination around the world and there are a lot of places that travellers cover when exploring this beautiful country. Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya are almost on top of everyone’s Thailand list, and for the right reasons! However, I am always amazed why Krabi is not the first choice here.

I mean, I love Krabi and while I enjoyed every other destination in Thailand, especially Phuket, Krabi was special in many ways.

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5 Reasons I Love Krabi
5 Reasons I Love Krabi

Krabi is a coastal city in the southwest Thailand. There are 132 islands in total, around Krabi. Many of them are inhabited – like Phi Phi Don and Ko Lanta.  Most of the other islands belong to the Marine National Park and are protected areas. You can reach most islands with boat from the port in Krabi.

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The food here was great, the beaches were exquisite and I loved staying here! This was also the first time I rented an Airbnb apartment, and the experience was great.

Boat trip from Krabi.
Boat trip from Krabi.

The best part about my visit to Krabi was that this was a city that was not crowded and had a rhythm of it’s own.

So, in this travel post, I will share five reasons why I love Krabi, and why you should add this charming beach town to your Thailand list too. Here we go:

5 Reasons You Should Visit Krabi, Thailand:

Here is why I love Krabi, and you will too!
Here is why I love Krabi, and you will too!
  1. More natural beauty, less crowds, same party scene (for those who want it). Like I mentioned above, Krabi is calm when you need it to be, and buzzing when you are looking for parties and adventure. In other words, while Phuket and Pattaya will almost make you feel bad for opting out of night long parties, Krabi will let you be. The beaches are so much more beautiful and less crowded in Krabi than in Phuket. The Natural beauty in in abundance because of all the islands around.
  2. No dearth of activities for the adventurous soul. You might not like crowded beaches like me, but you might LOVE to get your dose of water and other adventure activities – and Krabi is great for that. There are plenty of boat tours that will take you around for a full day, all complete with meals, snacks and drinks on the boat. You can pick a party boat, which generally has a younger crowd and party music – or you can go for the traditional long tail boats for just as much fun. There are simple rides that will take you around the famous islands and stop at others for lunch, or adventure boat rides which will make you swim, snorkel and scuba dive at various stops. There is a lot to be done in Krabi, with far better rates – which brings me to my next point.

    Tiger Cave Temple, Krabi.
    Tiger Cave Temple, Krabi.
  3. Krabi is less expensive than most other Thai cities. Maybe it’s the season thing, but Krabi has far cheaper accommodation options than Phuket, Bangkok and Pattaya. I haven’t yet been to Chiang Mai or other Thai cities, but research shows that for all that it has to offer, Krabi is somehow cheaper than most. The fact that Krabi is accessible by road and ferry along with flights, also makes it cheaper instead of say, taking a flight as an only option.
  4. The Best Food! I am serious, during both my Thailand trips, I found the food to be best in Krabi. Delectable, fresh, and inexpensive seafood various kinds of fish, crabs, clams, and Krabi’s famous Hoi Chak Teen are my absolute favorite Thai food items! For my vegetarian readers, there is hope. Krabi has a lot of outlets that serve delicious vegetarian food, like Thai pancakes or roti pancakes. It is fried in margarine and covered with condensed milk and sugar. Yummy!

    Read why Krabi should be your next destination in Thailand.
    Krabi should be your next destination in Thailand.
  5. Sunset magic. Yes, Krabi has some of the most magical sunsets in the entire country. I witnessed many such dazzling sunsets – from long tail boats, from big boats and from the beaches – and I loved them every time. The beach in Koh Klang, the closest island to Krabi’s mainland, is one of the best places to witness sunset in Krabi along with Ao Nang beach. On my next trip to Krabi, I am definitely going to dedicate my evening to just sitting by the sea and watching the skies turn yellow, orange and then a splash of bright red. Obviously, this is a photographic dream and makes for some amazing pictures.
5 reasons why you should visit Krabi, Thailand.
Beautiful Krabi.

High Season for Krabi: December to April. Hottest between February and April.
Rain Season in Krabi: May to November.

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Hope you liked my post on why I love Krabi so much! Now it’s your turn to tell me what did I miss in Thailand. I have been to Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi and Pattaya. So go on, tell me in comments where should I go to next.

Happy Travelling!

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