A trip to Bangalore

A Trip To Bangalore: Covering The Basics To Help You Travel Easy

To enjoy a hassle-free trip in Bangalore, whether for leisure or business, one needs to be able to negotiate the different routes of this ever-expanding city. Bangalore Airport is 45 kms away from the city and the traffic can be tough to deal with. The legendary traffic jams can be avoided if the traveller has more control of his or her route, and this is best done with the option of self drive. Start the self drive experience by picking the cars for hire option over the regular cab.

The big advantage of choosing a rented car is that it can be at the individual’s disposal for the entire trip. Bangalore is a large city with inconsistent coverage of good public transport. Those who are in the town for work can use the rented car for commute and in the evenings they can explore this dynamic city on their own terms, without depending on anyone else. One can also save on the rather high Bangalore airport taxi fare by choosing a rented car with a good plan.

A trip to Bangalore

Sights of Bangalore

While in Bangalore, there are some places which one needs to visit. A portrait right out of Victorian England greets visitors when they head off to the Bangalore Palace, its Tudor-style architecture a good representation of the city’s history – a blend of colonial influences and local aristocratic indulgences. Drive around the city and visit other landmarks like the Bull Temple and Lalbagh, the latter a sprawling area of botanical wonders. Then, of course, Bangalore’s vibrant nightlife is something to experience. The city is home to some of India’s best micro-breweries and restaurants. The Indiranagar and Koramangala localities are hotspots where one can spend an entire evening.

A trip to Bangalore

Many companies are giving travellers a chance to experience Bangalore with total convenience. The high-tech age has caught on to car rentals also, and bookings are made via an app along with the facilitation of cashless transactions. There is also no need to separately book airport taxi when the trip winds up. One can just drive the rental back and drop it off before heading to the airport for the return flight. With self drive, one can expect a hassle-free and enjoyable Bangalore experience – all at an affordable cost.

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