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Functional and In-Vogue: My Travel Style

Fashion today is a changing reflection of our lifestyle and contemporary trends. It is a function of who we are in a set of present co-ordinates. And who am I? A working professional balancing the tight rope of work and family with a cute little daughter who spends her hours away from me.

Functional and in vogue. My life needs both.

Royal Enfield’s gear collection is a testament of this spirit. Besides their kick ass motorcycles, the brand also has a range of motorcycle-lifestyle inspired clothing and apparel. It includes Urban Gear and Protective gear range – catering to both style and protection in one huge line up of offerings.

Their Urban Gear range includes shirts, t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, denim and urban shoes.

And the protective gear ranges from helmets, leather gloves, jackets and riding boots.

I recently decided to try this range on my own.

When I was asked to select the right size for Royal Enfield Gear, initial few thoughts were confusing. Some brands send me an L, some send me an M. But the size guide that came along with Royal Enfield Gear was extremely handy and without as much me checking into a store, I could make my selections.

Within a few weeks – I received a set of items in a huge package. A T-shirt, a Helmet and a jacket.

Buy Royal Enfield jacket
My Jacket!

While the T-shirt is trendy and has a snug fit, it can be a great casual wear to work or those Saturday night parties with a couple of beers and lots of friends. Jacket too comes as a great accessory for Delhi winters (albeit you need your woollens underneath) – especially if you too, like me prefer to go out for impromptu late night rides in the city.

Royal Enfield T-Shirt
My t-shirt!

Yet it is the helmet that catches my fancy most. For many – helmets form a painful selection and doesn’t come as a naturally happy choice. But with growing awareness about road safety and stringent laws in our country, every conscious rider includes this must have wearable today.

Royal Enfield Helmet
The helmet!

Royal Enfield helmet thought beats all woes here. It is a trendy design coupled with a comfort fit that allows the rider (and the pillion rider) to enjoy the ride as well as the peace of owning safety and protection.

Overall, my verdict is that if you are looking for a young, inspirational range of clothes to make that much needed style statement – then Royal Enfield Gear is a must pick for you. Try their jackets and T-shirts for a party look and their must have helmets for safe journeys ahead.

You can buy them online through their store here or reach out to any of their offline stores in your city.

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