A Day of Cupcake Love in Gurgaon: Travel Tales

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you know that I experiment with baking more than I cook regular food. While I don’t particularly like to cook daily,, baking is something I absolutely love. Although, in full disclosure, I am always looking for tips to bake the perfect cupcake.

And I recently I got a chance to learn from the best. I was at Crowne Plaza Gurgaon last weekend for a meal with family, and I was lucky to encounter a cupcake workshop for Diwali. The management was kind enough to let us be a part of the workshop that was all about delectable festive treats with a modern twist.

It has been a goal of sorts for me to bake and decorate ‘Diwali inspired novelty cupcakes’ and bring a modern twist to the festive celebrations. This is the year of achieving goals, and how! Haha.

Hosted by Café G, the multi-cuisine restaurant at Crowne Plaza Today, Gurugram, and the workshop was conducted by Nilesh Dey, Executive Chef at Crowne Plaza Today, Gurugram. Chef Dey, who is known as an expert at combining traditional flavours with modern culinary techniques inspired the creation of fusion Diwali treats such as Mawa Mewa, Motichoor and Pataka cupcakes.

I think that around Diwali, the need to find out a good gifting option and a different way to look at sweets is quickly becoming important.

And at such a time these ‘Diwali themed fusion cupcakes’ are a great option to go beyond traditional sweets, while staying true to the flavours that are essential to Diwali.

To my surprise, these cupcakes were easy to prepare and are guaranteed to impress at get-togethers with family and friends.

What a well spent afternoon!

After the cupcake class, we are at Café G. I have always wanted to try Wildfire at this hotel, the only Brazilian churascaria in India but couldn’t do that this time because I decided to try the cupcake class. It was a good decision and I hope to be back soon for more.

Stay tuned for more food and travel stories from me, on this popular travel blog from India.

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