Explore Goa on A Budget: The Ultimate Guide To Your Goa Trip For Less Money

Explore Goa on A Budget: The Ultimate Guide To Your Goa Trip For Less Money

I have written about planning the ultimate trip to Goa before, including luxury hotel reviews and adventure sports you must try in Goa – but this is the first time I am going to talk about exploring Goa on a budget.

Goa is the most popular beach destination in India, especially amongst the youth. Its many beaches that offer an array of fun activities and delicious food at endless ‘Shacks’, along with the culture is the main attraction for travellers from around the world who flock to Goa.

Students, and young folks who have just started their careers are usually the ones who plan for a Goa trip. I know because I was one of these young people too! And hence I also know that most of the times, this Goa trip with friends remains just a plan due to budget constraints.

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But, don’t worry I am here to give my two cents worth of travel tips to those who are on the verge of giving up on planning a trip to Goa with buddies – Tiger Beer and Tiger Prawns, yum!  And this blog post is all about planning a trip to Goa on a budget.

When I say budget trip tips, I am not referring to backpacking across Goa and staying in a homestay or shared hostels – that is a totally different travel genre and material for an entirely different blog post.

Today, I am going to give you a few of my budget travel tips for Goa, for a trip that is not only easy on the pocket but is also comfortable and lets you experience Goa in its best possible way.

How To Plan A Trip To Goa on A Budget, But Still Make It Comfortable and Fun?

Here’s how:

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Explore Goa on A Budget: The Ultimate Guide To Your Goa Trip For Less Money
Explore Goa on A Budget: The Ultimate Guide To Your Goa Trip For Less Money

Plan Your Goa Trip in The Off Season.

This one is a no brainer, actually.  Instead of planning a Goa trip around the New Year, the famous Sunburn Festival or during summer vacations of schools – go there during the off season. The cost benefits are plenty – from cheap accommodations to less touristy crowd. I have written in details about Goa in Monsoons and how much I love having the beaches to myself, so do read that post for more information.

Stay in an area that is close to most attractions.

This way you will save money on local transport as well as on travel time. I recently stayed at one of the Hotels In Calangute and found it very convenient in terms of proximity to trying some great local food, shopping, beach and more.

Pick a Hotel in Goa That’s Right For You.

Let’s face it, every traveller has their own preferences and one size/type does not work for all. So do your homework and pick a hotel that not only fits your budget, but is also comfortable and has basic amenities like breakfast and a Wi-Fi connection for all your Social Media needs. If you need some references, I suggest you check out Ibis Hotels Calangute which is a brand new Premium Luxury Hotel and has everything that I needed for a family trip to Goa under a budget.

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Explore Goa on A Budget: The Ultimate Guide To Your Goa Trip For Less Money
Explore Goa on A Budget: The Ultimate Guide To Your Goa Trip For Less Money

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When in Goa, Rent a Bike and go Vroom!

This is the best way to save money on your Goa trip. Rent a bike (or a car and you can all split the rent) along with all your friends and ride along the lush landscape of Goa. You will not only save money on hiring a taxi to take you around Goa, but will also be able to keep a tab on your expenditure.

Make The Most of Goa’s Flea Market’s for Shopping

If you would like to shop a little from Goa, just head to one of the many colourful and interesting Flea Markets here. You will get stuff that is not only unique and fun, but will also be less expensive.

Beach Bumming and Church Surfing – Free Things To Do In Goa

Like they say, the best things in life are for free – Goa’s best can also be explored at no cost at all. Spend your time on one of the beaches here, or go take a walk and discover Goa’s stunning churches. Some of the best churches in Goa include the Church of Bom Jesus which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Se Cathedral and Church of St. Francis of Assisi. Add forts to this list too and you’ve got your Goa on a Budget Bonanza.

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There are other tips for a budget trip to Goa, like eating at shacks instead of big restaurants, exploring the area on foot and finding some short trekking trails to satisfy your adventure needs. In the end, it is all about ‘The Goan Experience’ and it has little to do with money.

Hope you enjoy your trip to Goa. Do share your budget travel tips with me as well, and I’ll try them out for my next trip.

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Happy Travelling!

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3 thoughts on “Explore Goa on A Budget: The Ultimate Guide To Your Goa Trip For Less Money

    Charlie Thomas

    (September 22, 2017 - 5:42 pm)

    Went to Goa this year in April, it was a fun trip .
    costed around 25K per head including travel by flights and Renting a swift dzire foe 3 days, The hotels are very good and in budget but the food is expensive at the beaches

    and yes who can forget the Cashew fenny and Beer at the beach

    One should visit Goa once a year or at least once in 2 years .


    (October 13, 2017 - 6:57 pm)

    Visiting Goa this November, first week. We’re 6 friends who want to explore Goa on a budget and I was looking for tips. Thanks for sharing these money saving suggestions.
    I agree with you that while booking a hotel, we cannot just focus on cheap hotels as comfort is also a priority. Luckily, we found a luxury villa for 15000 for 3 days. I know sounds crazy, but 6 guys sharing 2 bedrooms in a luxury villa isn’t a bad idea!
    Also, we’re planning to try some water sports, visiting historical places in Goa, tasting the local food, etc. I always find it a wise decision to book things in advance to avoid chaos after reaching there.

    […] across a suggested itinerary for biking, and it stick in some of our heads as a possible activity in Goa. And we finally did end up doing that! This post is about what I earned from this biking trip, hope […]

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