Travel With Kids: Making sure that children eat healthy while you travel

Are you Sure Your Child is Eating Healthy While You Travel?

When you are a travelling mom or a family that loves to travel together – you need to make sure that the child is eating healthy during the trips. I travel with my daughter a lot, and the need for a healthy and wholesome diet is of paramount importance.

If you are a parent of growing children, I am sure you must be paying attention to their nutrition. With the rising cases of Type II diabetes and high blood pressure in younger kids, parents and school authorities are emphasizing on the benefits of fresh fruit and vegetables while limiting the consumption of junk and processed food. Although this is a great move, encouraging your children to eat fresh produce at all healthy?

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Think again, the growing instances of pesticide in our food is putting children at grave health risks. Almost all the fruits and vegetables that we use in the kitchen is infested with pesticides. In some sample of fresh fruit and vegetables, the residue of pesticides has been found above the permissible limit. And this becomes a bigger issue when you’re travelling with your kids.

Making sure that children eat healthy while you travel is important.
Making sure that children eat healthy while you travel is important.

For increased food production, the use pesticides in agriculture have become a norm. One can resort to the consumption of organic fruits and vegetables. However, the price of organic grains and raw produce is very high.  Secondly, most often than not, organic food is difficult to procure. There are only a few organic stores in our cities, and it is not always easy to buy. So, what is the midway?

Understanding the challenges of modern day living, KENT and innovative health product brand have come up with a range of Smart appliances that is committed to change the way we cook and consume food. Take, for instance, the vegetable and fruit purifier from the brand which is built with a unique ozone technology. The ozone disinfection technology removes 99.9% of all the impurities, farm pesticides, chemicals and pathogens from raw produce, meat and poultry.

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For the optimum health of your child, here are the steps to use this vegetable washing machine.

Step 1 – Fill a Large bowl of water and place vegetables and fruits in it.

Step 2-  Place the nozzle of the vegetable washing machine into the bowl.

Step 3- Switch on the appliance and set the time.There are twotime slots- 15 minutes & 30 minutes.

Step 4- Once the time is switched off, remove the vegetables and fruits from the bowl and wash it thoroughly with clean water.

Step 5- Make sure the vegetable and fruits are thoroughly dry before storing it in your refrigerator.

Travel With Kids: Making sure that children eat healthy while you travel
Travel With Kids: Making sure that children eat healthy while you travel

Besides making the fresh produce free of any contaminants, the shelf life of all the food items run through the vegetable washing machine also increases. Visit The Kitchen Professor and find out how you can purify your water at home and while traveling.

Hazard of Pesticide is a Real Deal

Vegetables and fruits arerich sources of vital nutrients namely iron, vitamin, potassium, manganese.  Certain kinds of raw items particularly Spinach, Tomato, Cabbage, and Apples are very nutritious, and children are encouraged to eat them. Incidentally, these vegetables have also been reported to carry pesticides much above the permissible limit.

Therefore, while you may be encouraging your child to eat well, you are unconsciously putting them a risk of developing both long-term and short-term illness. Young infants and toddlers have a weaker immune system as compared to adults. Even a light exposure of pesticide can lead to the following symptoms-

  • Weakness of muscles
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Dizziness

On the other hand, long-term exposure to pesticide is also dangerous and has been linked to the onset of following conditions-

  • Acute asthma
  • Learning disabilities
  • Brain damage
  • Cancer

Concluding Thoughts

Being aware of the hazards and contaminants in our food is important. We need to understand how to clean and consume our food. Growing children need nutrition and should be fed a balanced diet. By following simple hacks like peeling fruits and vegetables, eating cooked form of vegetables rather than raw form and of course relying on innovative kitchen appliances can help you reduce the risk.

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